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Get your dream job in 7 steps!

02.11.2022 07:21 AM
Get your dream job in 7 steps!
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Get your dream job in 7 steps!

Who among us does not dream of getting a lifetime job that fits his talent, education, and desires? But time may pass without getting this job, and instead we drown in performing jobs and work that do not fit our talents and do not enjoy them, which may generate a lot of feelings of frustration and depression.

Research says that many spend their lives in jobs they don't like and have miserable careers. A survey conducted by the Job List website found that 47% of those surveyed are unhappy with their current job and would like to change their careers. Despite this large number, research shows that most people are very afraid to make a career change, and if they do, they usually wait one to two years before making that step.

On the other hand, the startup boom shows no sign of slowing down. There are more than 32 million small companies emerging in the United States alone, or more than 3 million new jobs in 2020, while in India, startups have created 600,000 jobs.

These numbers and statistics raise the following question: In a world where so many people are inventing and pursuing their dream jobs, why do so many fear similar experiences?

The answer may be that they did not discover what they wanted to do, and it is not surprising, there are many who do not know what they really want, or what is suitable for their talents and abilities, even though they all dreamed when they were children of becoming doctors, engineers, pilots or even famous football players.

However, even if you're not living out your childhood fantasies, part of discovering purpose in our lives is finding a job that matches our interests and what's important to us.

7 ways to get your dream job

We give you 7 ways to land your dream job, and start with tips from LinkedIn career expert Blair Heitman and reported by CNBC.

"Whether you're looking for your dream job, considering a career change or not sure where to start, taking these steps can help you figure out what to do," says Heitmann.

1- Make a list of your goals and favorite jobs

Start by making a list of everything you would like to do or achieve in your career. For example "I want to work in a different country, to make a positive impact in the world."

Heitman says writing down your goals can be "very motivating" and help you focus your search for jobs you really want to do.

The list will also help you assess exactly where you are in your career. For example: Are you happy in your current job or not? Are you on your way to achieving your goals? And what changes do you need to make to get one step closer to your dream job?

For example: if you are interested in becoming a tour guide, you can prioritize jobs in this field that provide professional development opportunities related to this job.

2- Know your skills and strengths

The right job should meet your interests and skills, and once you've identified the traits you're looking for in your dream job, Heitmann suggests making another separate list of your skills and strengths. For example, you may have a simple skill that is your ability to communicate, while one of your strengths may be that you are a quick learner.

If you're not exactly sure of your skills or strengths, ask your family, friends, co-workers, and even your former teachers at school.

3- Communicate with people you like about their jobs

Once you have a clear picture of your goals and strengths, it is time to get more specific in your dream job pursuit by identifying the types of roles or industries you are interested in and would like to work in.

Social networks or employment platforms can guide you to new opportunities or help you learn more about jobs that sparked your curiosity and interest, and here we advise you to connect with people whose jobs you like - whether it is a former colleague, neighbor or a complete stranger - on the LinkedIn platform.

Introduce yourself and ask for 15 minutes of their time, and there are plenty of email templates for job seekers to use in this context. It is important to know yourself and your capabilities and what you want.

Don't be shy about asking questions that will help you understand the nature of the job, such as:

The answers to these questions can help you determine if you are on the right path to your dream job, and what steps you need to take to get there.

After you know your talents, skills, goals and the job you really want to perform, Online Masters advises you to take some practical and important steps to get your dream job, which we summarize for you as follows:

4- Writing a CV

Write a CV for the job you want, mentioning your educational qualifications and skills, and fully explaining your capabilities and what you can do, and how they can be useful to the company you are applying to.

After you write your resume, attach it to a “cover letter” dedicated to the job you are sending your resume to. For a condensed summary of your previous experience or studies and courses taken.

5- Make sure you have a strong online presence

Establish a clear presence on the Internet using your full real name, preferably by creating a special website that contains your CV, qualifications, talents, skills, previous experience, and what you aspire to. Also include a professional photo of yourself or a short video showing your abilities.

If you can't create your own site, you can achieve a strong online presence by building your pages in specialized recruitment sites such as LinkedIn, as well as other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. All of this will help in having a strong presence for you, and a reference that employers can draw upon as they search for talent and competencies.

6- Focus on the jobs you want

Focus your search on jobs that really interest you, there is no need to apply for jobs that do not meet your requirements, goals and dreams, and the more effort you put in to apply for jobs that you are truly passionate about, the higher the chance of getting them.

7- Share and connect

Enter groups and networks specialized in the job you are looking for, participate in the discussion on the topics they raise, and in the meantime showcase your skills and experience.

Always remember that most new hires in major companies come from referrals and recommendations that you can get from your new friends in these groups, and there are many employers who follow these networks and professional groups and choose the best from the talents and competencies in them.

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