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Makeup trends to explore in fall-winter 2022-2023

02.11.2022 04:25 AM
Makeup trends to explore in fall-winter 2022-2023
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Makeup trends to explore in fall-winter 2022-2023

Eye shadows are one of the makeup elements that show the beauty of the eyes and highlight them, there are colors used to widen the eyes and others are used to narrow them, and there are colors used to show the color and beauty of the eyes, and the colors are used only to be a base layer for the rest of the makeup, so the seventh day reviews the most prominent looks of eye shadows winter 2023, according to What the "whowhatwear" website posted as follows:

Shining glitter

Many international artists appeared on the red carpet, and some models in the 2023 shows with shiny views above their eyes in blue, red and fuchsia, in a manner of distributing glitter from one color above the eye, suitable or identical to the color of the dress.


Shiny lobes

In the winter of 2023, beauticians used shiny lobes instead of eye shadows in different and overlapping colors, not one color, and they may be placed under the lower eyelid as well.


Vivid colors

This year, the beauticians and make-up experts did not use the usual gradients of colors, but rather used the one color with its bright, slanted phosphorous degree, and shading the eye area and its surroundings, not only placing it in the eyelid area, but also placing it at the bottom of the eyes as kohl.


Luminous stickers

Beauticians did not stop at the shiny lobes and glitter, but also resorted to the use of colored stickers and sometimes in dark places these stickers appear in a luminous look, and this type of make-up is suitable for evenings and parties.

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