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Spend $1200 for your fashionista horse!

01.11.2022 05:36 AM
Spend $1200 for your fashionista horse!
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Spend $1200 for your fashionista horse!

If you want adidas shoes that fit the feet of a horse so that you and your equine friend wear a uniform, you're in luck. But you will have to pay over a thousand dollars to buy a pair of sports shoes for horses.

Marcus Floyd, a Kentucky-based artist, has begun developing a prototype of a running shoe for horses, as part of a collaboration with VisitLex, the public tourism agency in Lexington.

VisitLex had contacted Floyd prior to the Breeder's Cup, the equestrian series taking place in Lexington, on 4 and 5 November.

He told CNN that "their initiative is to spread awareness in the state of Bluegrass (the nickname for the state of Kentucky), and the entire state of Kentucky."


Floyd, who describes himself as a "sneaker" for a long time, has previous experience designing and modifying shoes.

He attended an intensive four-day program known as the SRGN Academy of the Shoe Surgeon, meant to teach how to disassemble and rebuild popular athletic shoes.

It takes about 17 hours to build each set of shoes, according to Floyd. He started by buying sneakers, like a pair of classic Air Jordans.

He then disassembled them, carefully removing each component, before reassembling the sneaker onto a pre-made horse boot. He strived to maintain design precision while also adjusting the shape of the horse's ankle and hoof.

And yes, sneakers are actually wearable, says Floyd.


He said Visit Lakes horse sneakers will be sold at the Sneaker Ball Auction, a fundraising event for charities in central Kentucky, which takes place on November 12. Going forward, he plans to donate 10% of all proceeds from the sale of shoes to local non-profit organizations, via this auction.

But customers hoping to outfit their horse with sneakers designed for their horses can order them at the Floyd Horse Kicks Dealership. And unlike the brand-name sneakers made for VisitLex, the models will be Floyd's own designs.

The sneakers start at around $1,200, depending on the intricacy of the design.

Pictures of unique shoes spread on social media. "I don't think any of us realized it would be that popular," Floyd said. He continued, "As an artist, I feel very comfortable."

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