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What is the difference between Influencer, Blogger and Vlogger?

29.10.2022 05:18 AM
What is the difference between Influencer, Blogger and Vlogger?
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What is the difference between Influencer, Blogger and Vlogger?

Many words have spread recently, especially on social media platforms and networks, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and it is the word “influencer.” The word “influencer” is one of the most famous words that has become more widespread on social media, as it is called every person who has a large number of The followers, the fans who trust his opinion and he is very familiar with the modern fashion style, and everything that keeps pace with the new era of different events can be dealt with in a practical way, and the fashion pages, and the materials sold on the Internet take advantage of this matter to make these people a destination for it, by the way to market these products in a distinctive way and for a financial price or for these products.


The influencers on social media are the influencers, as they have the ability to influence the viewer and make him buy a specific product, and the influencers are YouTubers, bloggers, or even those who publish their photos on Instagram and have many followers who are considered the Influencers.


A vlogger is a person who tries to communicate a certain idea to a group of people who follow him, but through audio, video, and specifically through the YouTube application, and there are many people who have become famous in this matter in the recent period, and this fame has helped them to make money, whether through the percentage of Views they get paid or by promoting major companies through their videos.


Blogger is also originally an English word and means in Arabic blogger, and it is the character who always tries to show interest in the person and society, and tries to show her opinion on any topic. Usually, blogs of this type deal with specific topics such as travel, fashion, and fashion, such as Blonde. Salad Song of Style, and in most cases, we find that the blogger is the character who has turned her personal page into a blog with millions of people and can become an informant as a result of the large number on her page.

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