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Despite tragedies and sorrows, you can still live the joy!

18.10.2022 10:35 AM
Despite tragedies and sorrows, you can still live the joy!
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Despite tragedies and sorrows, you can still live the joy!

The reflection of happiness on the person and his surroundings in a positive way helps him to enjoy life, build healthy relationships, and becomes an attraction for those around him. Learn how to seize the moments of joy, even in your difficult times...

It is known that joy is necessary for the health of the individual and the health of those around him, as it removes fear that removes his sense of safety, but can a person find moments of joy even in difficult times? About this, Al Jazeera Net interviewed specialists to share their opinions and experiences.

Happiness industry

Family and educational consultant Dr. Mounir Akl says, "Many sociologists consider joy to be an industry. It needs psychological and social skills and talents through which a person can disrupt the black space of his life, so he is assured of the white space of happiness and optimism, to make peace with oneself and achieve inner and family peace. This is one of the concepts of emotional intelligence.

The consultant believes that a person should accustom himself to "smart stubbornness"; Not every matter is worth stopping by so that his focus is not distracted from joy, because many adversities carry many grants, and the intelligent person is the one who can seize grants from adversity.

And he continues, "I developed a theory that I called (the Quadrilateral of Happiness) from a material perspective. If it is achieved, a person can live in psychological and social peace, through which he can achieve his goals and spread happiness among his family members. This quadrilateral is represented in achieving financial freedom, a safe environment, and good health. And freedom of time, in addition to happiness achieved from the spiritual side in accordance with the beliefs and values that a person believes in.”

He added, "If this quadruple is found in a person's life, in addition to the psychological stability resulting from the spiritual aspect, a person will thus create vast areas of joy and happiness that do not allow sadness to cast a shadow over him."

How do you achieve quadruple happiness?

Dr. Akl believes that the achievement of the Quadruple of Happiness will be positively reflected in strengthening the bonds inside and outside the family. In order for a person to achieve his goals and objectives in life, several things are necessary, including:

Utilizing and investing economic and social resources, rationalizing expenditures, and directing them in the right direction.

Focusing on spiritual values in family life, expressing love, positive communication, participation and meaningful dialogue.

Challenging crises and facing challenges or adapting to the difficult circumstances that they may be exposed to jointly, and all family members must bear the responsibility.

Stay away from all behaviors and habits that affect human health and the environment in which he lives.

Possess the skills of managing time and investing it effectively.

Joy and sadness... Culture and behavior

For his part, sociologist Dr. Muhammad Jeribaa says, "This is how life is. There are moments of joy and sadness, and they are inseparable in human life, and they are two sides of the same coin, but we must be aware and realize, as there are moments of sadness, there are moments of joy. Even in moments of sadness, joy is present. Thus, they are also intertwined, and sometimes you are in a sad situation as a result of a situation such as the death of loved ones, and sadness fills the heart, but the standing of friends with you and their presence by your side, constitutes a moment of joy in your life and relieves the burden of sadness.

He explains, "Joy and sadness and dealing with them are culture and behavior, but the important thing is how to deal with them! This requires high skills, reconciliation with oneself and a more understanding of life and its variables, and an absolute belief that human life has variables that need to be dealt with wisely, to achieve reconciliation with self and self-compatibility. But also We need skill and ability to capitalize on moments of joy by enjoying every moment and spreading happiness in the surroundings in which we live and the people who live around us, by moving away from any negative thinking and thinking positively.”

Dr. Jeribea points out that the personality that resides in joy and has a culture of enjoying life is the one who can build a culture of happiness through positive communication with friends and family, holding continuous meetings with them and investing in spreading joy, in addition to continuous trips and visits and the celebration of special occasions on an ongoing basis.

He concludes that "the reflection of joy and happiness on the person and his surroundings in a positive way helps him to enjoy life, build healthy relationships, have a high self-esteem, and become a magnet for those around him."

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