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Listen to 'Steve Jobs AI' giving an interview

17.10.2022 05:46 AM
Listen to 'Steve Jobs AI' giving an interview
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Listen to 'Steve Jobs AI' giving an interview

It seemed as if the co-founder of the giant "Apple", the late Steve Jobs, came back to life from his death, thanks to artificial intelligence technology.

This came in a fake A to Z interview, as the interviewer's voice was also fake, and he is the author of the well-known audio podcast, Joe Rogan.

Jobs, the inventor of the iPhone, died on October 5, 2011, at the age of 56, after a struggle with a rare type of pancreatic cancer.

And a voice synthesis company worked to reproduce the speech of the two men, and made it look like a real dialogue between them, according to the British newspaper "The Sun".

"It's great to be on the show," said Jobs, who faked Rogan.

He continued, "Your audience is very different from the average Apple user, which is a good and nice thing."

The two discussed a range of topics, including Apple, spirituality and family.

Although the voices were very close to the voices of the two real people, they sometimes sounded like robots.

And artificial intelligence technology uses large amounts of audio content to build sound similar to the original sound.

This was easy in the case of Rogan, who has hundreds of hours of podcasting, but it was different with Jobs, where his voice is limited to press interviews and Apple phone launch parties, which are limited anyway., the company that prepared the audio clip, said the AI machine had trained on his resume, and all audio recordings of him available online, so the machine could "bring his voice back to life".

The company added that it believes all forms of content can be made with artificial intelligence, but that it is human-led.

She emphasized that the most creative work would depend on the human ability to craft the required content from the machine

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