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Baba Vanga's scary predictions for 2023

14.10.2022 10:08 AM
Baba Vanga's scary predictions for 2023
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Baba Vanga's scary predictions for 2023

In a few months, we will be entering the year 2023, and while many people are hoping for some good news, Baba Vanga's predictions are very frightening. What are the most prominent predictions made by Baba Vanga for the year 2023 and the coming years.

Throughout her life, the Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga, known as the "Balkan Nostradamus," made a number of predictions, many of which came true. Her predictions, claimed to be 85% accurate, include the Chernobyl disaster, the death of Princess Diana, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the events of September 11. With this in mind, legends about her began to spread and during the Internet age, the story of Baba Vanga took on a life of its own after her death in 1996, and her last home in Petrich, near the border with Greece, is now a memorial museum.

1- Solar tsunami

The solar storms predicted by Baba Vanga may cause major power outages and communication interruptions, causing a plethora of problems, and returning humanity to the dark ages.

2- The end of natural childbirth

Another frightening prediction is that natural human births will be prohibited. The nightmare scenario will occur when government officials are allegedly pushing for the laboratory production of all human life and restricting natural births.

3- Nuclear explosion

It is said that Baba Vanga predicted a possible explosion of a nuclear power plant among her many predictions for the year 2023. This prediction will be frightening as the leaders of countries grow in fear of a nuclear catastrophe in a major country.

4- Biological weapons

It is noteworthy that Baba Vanga predicted the mass killing of thousands of people due to a "big country" conducting research on biological weapons on humans.

Baba Vanga's predictions for the coming years

Vanga's alleged predictions extend far into the future, as she said that in 2025 Europe will be left mostly uninhabited, in 2028 humanity will discover a new source of energy that astronauts will travel to Venus, and in 2046 humans will live more than 100 years because organs will change easily . And sea levels will rise in 2033. Then, by 2100, I predicted that there would be no night and that the artificial sun would light up another part of the planet, in 2130 thanks to aliens, we would be able to live under water, and in 2164, I predicted that animals would gain human characteristics. She said that by the year 2183, Mars will become a nuclear power and seek independence from the planet, and in the year 2256, an unknown spacecraft will bring a mysterious disease to Earth.

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