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Amber Heard unable to pay her Lawyer's Fee

08.10.2022 09:54 AM
Amber Heard unable to pay her Lawyer's Fee
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Amber Heard unable to pay her Lawyer's Fee

American actress Amber Heard is facing a new crisis regarding the legal fees of her lawyer, who defended her in a defamation lawsuit brought against her by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, which ended in his favor.

According to press reports, Heard failed to pay the value of her lawyer's fees, which exceeded $ 8 million, apart from the financial fine required of her for her ex-husband.

It was reported that Heard, who had officially declared bankruptcy earlier; She has an insurance policy for home ownership, and she is required to cover these costs, in addition to covering the compensation value for Johnny Depp, noting that the insurance company filed a lawsuit against Heard to absolve her from paying any compensation, because the insurance policy does not cover these costs.

Reports stated that the total amount required of Heard is $15 million, which is the sum of legal fees for the defamation case, which has become the most expensive defamation lawsuit in the United States of America.

Heard had sold her home in a California desert oasis, in an attempt to raise the money needed to cover the costs of compensation awarded by the court, in addition to paying attorneys' fees to appeal her case.

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