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New technology will see handsets take just nine minutes to fully charge your phone!

05.10.2022 10:50 AM
New technology will see handsets take just nine minutes to fully charge your phone!
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 New technology will see handsets take just nine minutes to fully charge your phone!

Some websites have announced that phone makers in China are developing new technologies that are able to fully fill the phone's battery in less than 10 minutes.

According to the IXBT website, "The Chinese electronic newspaper Mydrivers quoted a reliable source as saying that phone manufacturers in China are currently developing new technologies to charge phones at high speed, and may rely on these technologies for chargers with a capacity of 210 watts at most."

The site indicated that there are currently smartphones equipped with chargers that are able to fill its entire battery capacity within a short period. The iQOO 10 Pro phone, which was launched last summer, for example, has a charger with a capacity of 200 watts, and this charger can fill the device’s battery from 0 to 100% within 10 minutes, and the expected Redmi Note 12 Pro + is also expected to receive a 210W ultra-fast charger.

For its part, the Digital Chat Station channel on the Internet indicated that "most of the smart phones that will appear next year are supposed to get ultra-fast charging technologies, and chargers with a capacity of 120 watts."

According to experts, the most important challenge in developing fast charging technologies for phones is to ensure safe technologies for batteries as well so that they are not damaged during charging.

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