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Types of E-commerce Websites & Business Models

04.06.2021 10:48 AM
Types of E-commerce Websites & Business Models
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Types of E-commerce Websites & Business Models
E-commerce is the completion of commercial transactions through your website from buying, selling, paying and transferring money, all of these procedures are done through your website.

The journey of e-commerce began with one of its famous types, which is closely related to reality, which is B2C, where business owners offer services and products to customers online instead of displaying them through markets and shops. But with time, online commerce was not limited to its B2C type only, but rather developed tremendously and remarkably, and all its different types flourished, such as C2C, C2B, B2B and more other types of e-commerce.

1. B2B Trading
2. B2C Trading
3. C2B Trade
4. C2C Trading
5. B2G Trading
6. G2B Trading

It is expected that e-commerce websites sales during the year 2020 will reach 27 trillion dollars around the world, as the growth of e-commerce increases annually by 23%, and this is a huge and huge percentage in the world of commerce.

E-commerce is a big world that is not limited to buying and selling products or services only, but it is a trade that has an impact on the movement of financial transactions around the world, and significantly affects the behavior of consumers as well.

It also creates new job opportunities for different segments that are larger than being businessmen or owners of commercial activities, but now any individual has the right to start his own business online with the simplest possibilities.

With the presence of these different types of e-commerce, there is no scope and limits for the matter of selling products and services online, as it is in continuous progress and development, and besides that, with the presence and availability of a large number of e-commerce platforms today, it has become easy to enter this world and participate in it, whether you are a merchant or an individual.

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