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Tips for identifying phishing and scammed emails!

30.09.2022 07:02 AM
Tips for identifying phishing and scammed emails!
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Tips for identifying phishing and scammed emails!

About 100 billion emails are sent out every day. Perhaps if you look at your inbox, you will often find email offers for sale, or perhaps an update from your bank, or an offer from your friend sending you pictures or at least, you think that these emails actually came from those online stores or your bank...etc

But how do you know that it is legitimate and not an actual scam?

First, let's get to know the types of fraud that can be practiced against you in the email

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a widespread attack in which a hacker configures an email to appear to come from a legitimate company (such as a bank), usually sent with the intention of tricking the recipient into downloading malware or entering confidential information into a fraudulent website (a website that pretends to be legitimate). It actually uses a fake website to trick people into giving up their data), a hacker will have access to. Phishing attacks can be sent to a large number of email recipients in the hope that a small number of responses will lead to a successful attack.

1. How to identify a phishing email:

• Generic email greetings

• URLs that looks deceptive and inauthentic

• Wrong, out of date or out of place logos, design and type

2. How to spot a fake email:

• False sense of urgency

• Attachments – A real email will rarely include an attachment and never software

3. How to identify scams:

• The promise of money in return for a favor

• Notifications of lottery wins

• Unsolicited job offers





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