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META is close to reading your mind!

21.09.2022 10:29 AM
META is close to reading your mind!
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META is close to reading your mind!

A team of researchers at Meta is developing an artificial intelligence-based technology that can read people's thoughts and translate them into understandable words.

The Italian magazine "Focus" said that this system would become a communication tool for all patients who have suffered severe brain trauma and are unable to speak, write or communicate in sign language.

The area dedicated to word formation and language comprehension in the brain is separate from the one that manages voluntary muscles, including mouth muscles, which the Meta researchers exploited in developing their system.

The researchers asked 169 volunteers to undergo MRI and electroencephalography while listening to audio books in English and Dutch.

It is expected that researchers will move to a more advanced stage, in which their system will be able to read thoughts while reducing the auxiliary factors and the data that they provide with it, and this technology will be able to help thousands of patients who are unable to communicate with the outside world after suffering injuries, but it also raises many One of the moral problems, because in fact it allows you to enter people's minds and read their thoughts.

At this point, the scientists concluded that the system would be able to read words in the brain, through magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalography, and reproduce them externally in the form of a text or audio file.

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