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NASA Curiosity Rover captures amazing photos of clouds on Mars!

01.06.2021 09:29 AM
NASA Curiosity Rover captures amazing photos of clouds on Mars!
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NASA Curiosity Rover captures amazing photos of clouds on Mars!
Cloudy days are rare on Mars and usually only appear near the equator during the coldest time of the year. A year ago, on the planet, NASA noticed some clouds forming in the sky above the Curiosity Rover, and decided to capture them.

In the past months, some great photos were taken showing what cloudy days on the Red Planet look like. The agency referred to these unexpected clouds as "early" clouds at this time of year, in an announcement, saying that the "Curiosity" team has already made a new discovery about early clouds of rover images "They are higher than normal." Too cold."

According to the agency, most of the clouds on Mars are usually 37 miles (60 km) high in the sky and made up of water ice. However, the so-called early clouds are at higher and cooler altitudes, that is, they are formed from frozen carbon dioxide or dry ice. NASA did not specify the height of the initial clouds in the Curiosity images.

The orbit captured these images of clouds on the surface of Mars just after sunset on March 31.
NASA Clouds on Mars

Even more stunning are iridescent, or “mother of pearl” clouds. “If you see a cloud with a shimmery pastel set of colors in it, that’s because the cloud particles are all nearly identical in size,” said Mark Lemmon, an atmospheric scientist with the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado. “That’s usually happening just after the clouds have formed and have all grown at the same rate.”

“I always marvel at the colors that show up: reds and greens and blues and purples,” Lemmon said. “It’s really cool to see something shining with lots of color on Mars.

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