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Tips to consider when buying a new home!

14.09.2022 05:45 AM
Tips to consider when buying a new home!
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Tips to consider when buying a new home!

We are constantly looking for stability and balance in his life, and buying a new house is an aspect of this stability in general. Other services and facilities. Here are the tips to follow when buying a new apartment or house.

Tips when buying a new apartment

The criteria that you must consider and pay attention to if you intend to buy a new house differ from those that must be taken into account if you want to rent, and there are tips when buying a ready-made house or a house on the plan, i.e. within a project that is still under construction. Standards vary and differ for each case, so in this article we offer you a set of tips when buying a new apartment or house.

Choose a real estate developer

The real estate developer is considered as an investment partner, so choosing the right developer is the most important point in the list of tips when buying a new apartment or a new house, but there are some important factors and indicators that help you make this decision, and among the indicators of a successful developer:

·         Effective presence of the successful real estate developer on social networks

·         A successful developer sets up direct interviews with clients on the spot

·         The developer's experience and history in the real estate market can be seen from the record of his achievements and projects

·         The successful real estate developer is a partner with many international design and construction companies

Field inspection of the property

No matter how confident you are in the real estate developer, it is indispensable to go to the property and inspect it yourself to ensure its safety. Examining the homes before buying may avoid many troubles, as you can be sure of the age of the building, the internal divisions, the number of rooms and their areas more accurately, and you can see the maintenance of the property in general, so try to check all the details, such as the quality of the paint or the type of wood used in the kitchen, as well as the readiness of the crews Used bathrooms, types of tiles and all other finishes.

Compare market prices

Collaborate with contractors and market experts to know the current price indicators, as it is necessary to see the average prices before you start buying, as these surveys help you avoid any fraud or unjustified increase in real estate prices.


One of the most important tips you need to follow when buying a new home is to search for people who have previously bought or rented in the same area or neighborhood, as they can help you gather the most important information about the area so that you can compare the pros and cons of owning a property in Dubai.

Real estate website

Studying the location of the property is one of the most important points in the list of real estate tips, as everyone prefers properties close to facilities and services, in addition to a group of other points as part of advice when buying a new apartment or new house, including:

·         The property is close to the main roads

·         Hospitals available in the area

·         Supermarkets

·         Schools and universities

·         Do you prefer areas near the sea or not?

·         The property is close to public and recreational parks

·         Availability of transportation in the area, its proximity to bus and metro stations, and the spread of taxis

Legal procedures

In addition to this set of tips for buying a new home, you should be aware of all the details of the procedures necessary to complete the process of buying a property legally, which are:

·         Legal audit of the property

·         Signing the sales contract

·         Obtaining a No Objection Certificate from the real estate developer

·         Registration of the contract with the Land Department

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