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New all-electric Canadian train-plane is faster than a jet!

13.09.2022 07:36 AM
New all-electric Canadian train-plane is faster than a jet!
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New all-electric Canadian train-plane is faster than a jet!

A Canadian company intends to make a real boom in the world of transportation worldwide, as it is currently producing a super-fast train that will outperform the plane, which means that land transportation will soon become in competition with air transportation, unless the aviation industry can make a breakthrough in the field of speed during the period coming.

TransPod, based in Toronto, Canada, recently unveiled a project it called "FluxJet", a fully electric transport system "a hybrid between an airplane and a train." While it will be environmentally friendly and produce no pollution emissions.

According to a report published by the American network "CNBC" and seen by "Al", the project, which is still in its early stages, will include 82-foot magnetically-lifted trains that will transport passengers at a speed of approximately 621 miles per hour (995 kilometers per hour).

The report stated that this train is faster than a commercial airliner, and three times the speed of most high-speed trains in the world today, and it is characterized by the absence of any polluting emissions to the environment.

Fluxjet trains will rely on "contactless energy transmission", in which the train draws power from the existing electrical grid through magnetic fields, the company says.

The elevated train's distinctive design is intended to reduce friction, but the system's theoretical ability to overtake high-speed planes and trains relies on technology influenced by "control flow", a relatively new field in physics.

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