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Upcoming Call of Duty game is coming soon!

12.09.2022 12:30 PM
Upcoming Call of Duty game is coming soon!
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Upcoming Call of Duty game is coming soon!

New leaks revealed that the 2024 version of the game "Call of Duty" or "Call of Duty" will revolve around the war in Iraq.

The "Ghost of Hope" Twitter account, known for its accurate predictions about the game, wrote that the events of the "Call of Duty" version, which will be released in 2024, will revolve around the Iraq war that took place in 2003 and the battle of Mogadishu, which occurred several years before it.

Activision, the developer of the Call of Duty game, has not officially announced the look of the new version of the game yet, according to the GameSpot website.

The site said that if the leaks related to the Iraq war are believed, the new version of the game is likely to provoke controversy, as happened in the past with the game "Six Days in Fallujah".

Reports at the time said that Iraqis feared that launching the game "Six Days in Fallujah" would "open old wounds" reminding them of the scourge they suffered as a result of the wars in their country.

It is noteworthy that the game "Call of Duty", which won several international awards, was released its first copies in 2003 on computers, and then spread widely on other gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox and mobile phones.

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