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Should I buy the iPhone 14 or wait for the iPhone 15?

07.09.2022 10:02 AM
Should I buy the iPhone 14 or wait for the iPhone 15?
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Should I buy the iPhone 14 or wait for the iPhone 15?

This week, Apple fans are preparing to receive the iPhone 14, at a time when experts are asking whether it is recommended to buy it or wait for the iPhone 15 next year?

Toms Guide said that although the iPhone 15 launch date is still far away, a lot of thought must be taken before taking the step of buying the new version of the American company, given that the majority of users want to buy a phone that will stay with them for several years.

The source explained: "Especially since the available reports indicate that the iPhone 15 will come with fundamental differences compared to what we heard about the iPhone 14."

It is expected that the prices of the iPhone 14 range between 899 and 1199 dollars, which means that it will see some increase compared to the iPhone 13.

The source revealed that the screens of the "iPhone 14" family will not witness major changes. Next year, the "iPhone 15" will likely follow the same models, but it may use a new type of LTPO OLED screen that is supposed to last longer than current OLED screens.

Next year's iPhones may have Face ID at the bottom of the screen, although the front camera will still be exposed in the usual hole.

Experts expect that the choice between “iPhone 14” and “iPhone 15” will become much easier, when the phones of the American giant are announced this week.

They say that getting to know the features that the new products will bring will roughly reveal the features of the expected phone next year, and at that time will facilitate the selection process.

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