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World's first three-wheel flying SPORTSCAR approved for take-off!

02.09.2022 04:59 AM
World's first three-wheel flying SPORTSCAR approved for take-off!
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World's first three-wheel flying SPORTSCAR approved for take-off!

The world's first flying sports car, the Switchblade, has received approval to begin flight testing, after 14 years of development.

Created by Samson Sky, the prototype vehicle can fly at speeds of up to 322 km per hour and is designed to be built from a DIY kit.

While on the ground, the Switchblade is on all three wheels, measuring 5.1 meters long and 1.8 meters wide, and thus small enough to fit in a garage.

But once at the airport, its wings swung and its tail extended in less than three minutes, allowing the "hybrid" vehicle to soar into the sky.

Last month, the Switchblade received a seal of approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the US government's aviation authority, to begin the testing process.

Sam Busfield, CEO of Samson Sky and designer of the Switchblade, said: “It is expected to have a take-off speed of 88mph, which means that is the speed we need to reach, at which point the Switchblade will start taking off from the ground. It is among the 10 fastest Speeds Our test driver took the Switchblade to 98 mph, which confirmed what the team had seen on instruments, videos and engine computer data - the Switchblade handled and performed very well."

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