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World's clearest UFO photo revealed after 32 years

31.08.2022 05:37 AM
World's clearest UFO photo revealed after 32 years
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World's clearest UFO photo revealed after 32 years

32 years later, the clearest picture of UFOs taken by two young British men has been released, and Britain's Ministry of Defense and National Archives are trying their best to hide it.

On August 4, 1990, two chefs working in a hotel in northern Britain were walking out of a national park at nine in the evening, when they saw a solid object in the shape of a diamond about 100 feet long, hovering silently in the sky. the above.

Minutes later, they heard the sound of a jet flying north, and it turned out that the RAF had sent two squadrons of Tornado fighters and put them on standby for 24 hours, apparently to intercept the Russian planes.

The plane hovered around the "object" before turning on its original course, as if the pilot had seen the object as well and returned for a closer look, the British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported.

In the end, the two men took the camera out of the place where they were hiding and took 6 pictures until that strange object disappeared in the sky.

The two chefs were convinced they had just seen a flying object, so they sent the pictures to the Daily Record, one of Scotland's leading newspapers, but the newspaper did not publish them but sent them to the Ministry of Defence, after which the pictures disappeared and the two young chefs disappeared with them.

And 32 years later, for the first time, that missing image has been revealed, one that a Defense insider described as the clearest UFO ever captured.

It turns out that the Ministry of Defense and the British National Archives did their best to hide it when the information was naturally to be released after 30 years, and the Ministry and the Archives wanted to hide the names of witnesses for another 54 years due to privacy concerns.

It is noteworthy that there are many theories related to these flying objects, including that it was the phrase "Aurora", a top-secret spy plane in the US military, or that it was flying saucers belonging to aliens.

The first team relies on rumors that have been circulating since the mid-1980s that there are silent supersonic vehicles, with strange geometry, used in espionage operations.

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