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Amazon is reportedly planning to acquire Electronic Arts

29.08.2022 09:41 AM
Amazon is reportedly planning to acquire Electronic Arts
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Earlier reports revealed that Amazon was planning to acquire the video game company Electronic Arts.
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Amazon is reportedly planning to acquire Electronic Arts

Earlier reports revealed that Amazon was planning to acquire the video game company Electronic Arts.


 Earlier, a report from USA Today claimed that the e-tailer giant has been hired to bid for the company that owns titles such as Apex Legends, FIFA and Madden, however, this may not be the case, with a more recent report from CNBC indicating that Amazon has no such plans and it has just been rumored.


Meanwhile, this news helped EA's stock grow nearly 4% giving the company a market valuation of more than $37 billion, Reuters notes. EA comment on this position. The report states that the company has been busy with acquisitions this year, and recently, Amazon announced its plans to acquire iRobot, a company known for its robotic vacuum cleaners - Roomba, for $1.7 billion.


Earlier, the tech giant revealed that it will buy boutique primary care chain One Medical for $3.9 billion, the report notes. How the acquisition of EA can help Amazon According to the report, even if Amazon plans to acquire EA, it can help the electronic designer increase his presence in the gaming world, as the tech giant already owns Twitch, a popular game streaming service, and has also launched a cloud gaming service named - Luna, apart from this Amazon also offers gaming privileges as part of its Prime loyalty program, the report notes. The gaming industry has seen several mergers and acquisitions this year. Microsoft announced its plans to buy Activision Blizzard in a $68.7 billion deal in January, and Take-Two Interactive recently said it would acquire Zynga for $11 billion.


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