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China bombs the clouds

26.08.2022 10:00 AM
China bombs the clouds
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China bombs the clouds

Some regions of China suffer from weak water resources, which prompted the state to invest in huge water projects to face this crisis.

The process of cloud seeding is one of the projects that China has expanded, especially in areas that suffer from scarcity of water sources.

And the Chinese newspaper, "South China Morning Post", published a video clip, which it said monitors part of a campaign for cloud seeding launched by China and will continue for a period of 3 months.

China uses "cloud bombardment" techniques for seeding, and that is by means of shells carrying chemicals that are directed towards clouds from the surface of the earth.

These missiles are launched using vehicles carrying launchers, which are platforms similar to rocket launchers, which are used in wars, but with a simple design.

A few days ago, an American magazine warned that China is facing a water crisis that could have catastrophic effects on the entire world.

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