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TikTok can track users’ every tap as they visit other sites through iOS app

27.08.2022 07:45 AM
TikTok can track users’ every tap as they visit other sites through iOS app
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TikTok can track users’ every tap as they visit other sites through iOS app

New research by software engineer Felix Krause has revealed that TikTok has the ability to track every click on your screen while browsing in its iOS app, including links clicked and passwords typed.

According to the Guardian, in-app browsing refers to any activity on third-party websites that open in the app, not an external window.

Krause released a report that looks at social media platforms for "JavaScript" codes from social media platforms that are inserted into external websites to track user activity.

He found that the Tik Tok app tracks all keystrokes and texts, which may include private information such as passwords and credit card numbers.

However, Krause stressed that the app is not necessarily behaving maliciously simply because it injects "JavaScript" code into external websites, pointing out that there is no way to know the full details about the type of data that each browser collects within the application, or how it is transmitted. data or its use.

A TikTok spokesperson denied the study's allegations to The Guardian Australia, saying its conclusions about the short video app are incorrect and misleading, according to tech times.

The spokesperson added in a statement that the researcher specifically says that the “JavaScript” code does not mean that the Tik Tok application does anything malicious, and admits that he has no way of knowing what kind of data he collects within the application.

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