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Meet 'Ai-Da,' the AI robot artist that drew itself

24.05.2021 06:01 AM
Meet 'Ai-Da,' the AI robot artist that drew itself
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You may have heard of robots that are good at cleaning, or good at medical examination, but have you ever heard of an “artist robot”?

"Ai-Da" is the world's first “artist robot” in the form of a human being, and she creates her own paintings using artificial intelligence technology.
In an interview with CNN in Arabic, British Eden Miller, the author of the idea and a specialist in modern art, says that the idea of creating an artist robot came up to him several years ago, indicating that his work in galleries for more than twenty years led him to question the nature of Art, and after reading many books on the subject, he came to the conclusion that artificial intelligence will be one of the most important innovations in our future.
"I was interested in the role that AI would play in the art world, and how AI and new technologies would affect the world as a whole," Miller explains.
Ai-Da took a team of programmers, roboticists, art experts and psychologists two years to build. She was completed in 2019 and is updated as AI technology improves.

The purpose of Ai-Da is two things. The first is to experiment with artistic processes to challenge our notions of what is possible creatively and artistically. The second is to discuss future uses of technologies, Miller said.

Ai-Da is able to ‘see’ with the help of cameras in her eyes which connect to a computer vision system. This is then interpreted by an AI algorithm meaning Ai-Da can create a portrait of someone standing before her. The robot has been programmed not to reproduce work so each creation is unique.

Ai-Da’s self-portraits are on display in the Design Museum and have been created through a blend of the robot's brushstrokes, AI, and some help from the human hand.


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