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What to Do if You Spill on Your Laptop? Easy steps!

16.08.2022 10:01 AM
What to Do if You Spill on Your Laptop? Easy steps!
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What to Do if You Spill on Your Laptop? Easy steps!

If water in any way gets into your laptop, you are in great danger and must take immediate action, but the potential for permanent damage is real nonetheless, and in any case, here's what you should do to preserve your laptop if you do spill liquid on it. It was mentioned by the "business insider" website.

1. Turn off the laptop

For the first few seconds after your device has been exposed to water, you can shut down your computer, and the quickest way to do this is to press and hold the power button for six to 10 seconds until you force it off.

Also, after turning off the laptop, immediately unplug it from the AC adapter or wall outlet.

2. Unplug all accessories

To isolate your laptop from any accessories, remove anything connected to your laptop, including USB cables and devices such as flash drives that might be plugged into USB ports.

3. Dry everything you can easily reach

You'll want to work fast, and remove as much water as possible as quickly as possible, and the longer your laptop gets wet, the more likely it is that permanent damage will occur, especially if the fluid isn't plain water.

At the same time, be careful, especially if you open your laptop and deal with internal components, many components are sensitive.

Also, in general, you'll want to use an absorbent cloth or paper towels to absorb liquids, but for smaller parts, nooks and crannies, use cotton swabs.

That's all you need for waterproofing, but if you dump other types of liquid like soda, coffee, or tea, it's important to remove the conductive residue that may be left behind when the liquid evaporates.

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