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World had “one of three warmest Julys on record

10.08.2022 08:18 AM
World had “one of three warmest Julys on record
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World had “one of three warmest Julys on record

Satellite data revealed that last July was one of the three hottest globally, while southwestern Europe was the warmest on record in terms of peak temperatures.

Temperatures above 104 F (40 C) were observed in parts of Portugal, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, this weather led to all-time records for the maximum temperature being set across those regions, including in Britain, which experienced its hottest day ever on July 19, 2022.

The northern hemisphere's land masses mostly experienced above-average temperatures, the data reveal, while much of Australia and Central Asia experienced below-average temperatures.

"We can expect to continue to see more frequent and longer periods of extremely high temperatures, as global temperatures increase even more," said Freya Famburg, chief scientist at Copernicus' Climate Change Service.

Heat waves pose serious risks to human health and can increase the intensity and longevity of many other catastrophic weather events including wildfires and droughts, affecting society and natural ecosystems.

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