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The importance of website analytics for your business

27.07.2022 02:54 AM
The importance of website analytics for your business
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The importance of website analytics for your business

As a business owner or marketer, when creating a digital marketing plan, you may feel a bit overwhelmed thinking about the methods to follow.

There are a million ways to market your business/product/service, and choosing the best one can be a bit of a difficult task. According to reports, the average site conversion rate is 2.35%.

This means that for every 100 users who visit your website via direct search, social media or any other sources, only two of them will be converted.

The most successful startups and small businesses track and record as many metrics as possible. Without it, you simply cannot know what is right for your business and what is not.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to determine where you are wasting your money and time on marketing, and how you and your team can work on improving it.


Truth to be told, the majority of marketers use what is called “gut feeling” and intuition to make key marketing decisions.

Although it is always advised to follow your gut feeling, you can't just argue with stats and numbers. They are never wrong.

Metrics have no expectations or biases; rather, it is easy to compare them - simply in black and white.

This means that if you're not doing web analytics, you're trying to turn on the lights in extreme darkness.

You can do website analytics in any way you feel comfortable with like creating spreadsheets, social media reports etc. Marketing report is the key to prove the value of your marketing plan.

It's a powerful, data-driven way to showcase what you've accomplished so far with your strategies.

It can help guide your actions as you include important information and lessons learned from marketing campaigns and other activities.

Website analytics, along with reporting, can accurately track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to ensure that your future efforts are getting to the right point.

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