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The world's most advanced wheelchair... Climbing stairs and amazing features!

26.07.2022 11:31 AM
The world's most advanced wheelchair... Climbing stairs and amazing features!
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The world's most advanced wheelchair... Climbing stairs and amazing features!
Technology has evolved tremendously in the last few decades. Forty years ago, no one could have predicted things like the Internet, smartphones, nanotechnology and other wonders, but have you ever thought about what the development of wheelchair design would look like?

According to Tips and Tricks, this two-wheeled, stair-climbing wheelchair, the Scewo BRO, is the most advanced in the world, a direct successor to the regular wheelchair we all know, created to make life much easier for those of us who find it difficult to walk. For any reason.
Of course, each person's disability is different, so the manufacturer of the wheelchair made sure that as many people as possible use it, for example in relation to movement. You can move forward by leaning forward and moving backward while going backward.

Because going off-road or going up a hill isn't something you would do in a conventional wheelchair, the company created a type of wheel for the Scewo BRO wheelchair that can handle a 10% incline and easily maneuver over obstacles up to two inches in height. This means that you can go off-road and climb a hill.

For example, just imagine being able, to follow your dog wherever he goes, when you take him out for a walk.

But the best part about this wheelchair is its ability to climb stairs.
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