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See The World Through The Eyes Of A Cat!

25.07.2022 03:26 AM
See The World Through The Eyes Of A Cat!
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See The World Through The Eyes Of A Cat!

Annapurna Interactive has released an exciting new adventure game, Stray, that allows players to put themselves in the cat's shoes and see the world through their eyes.

The game "Stray" was released this July, for PlayStation 4 and 5 devices, in addition to Windows devices. It is an adventure game in which the player becomes a cat that moves through a world inspired by the game "Cyberpunk".

This game is available for $29.99, and is available at no additional cost when subscribing to additional or premium levels of "PlayStation Plus".

Both humans and kittens can enjoy this game, as the kittens seem unabashedly engaged. This may be due to the realistic in-game cat animation, or the fact that there is a dedicated meow button.

Meanwhile, many fans are creating interesting mods aimed at transforming their kittens in appearance or sound. However, as always, there are those who exaggerate and create something ugly.

The user "Nexus sir_galahad172" has released a mod that allows you to play as CJ for GTA in the form of a kitten. The protagonist of San Andreas was terribly disfigured to fit a cat model, as his limbs were unnaturally twisted so that he could take the lead role in the Annapurna title.

The mod was launched yesterday and sparked a lot of controversy, as it has already collected more than 50 downloads, although user comments were divided between fans and detractors of the mod.

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