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5 Mobile Apps to help you manage your stress and anxiety!

17.05.2021 09:10 AM
5 Mobile Apps to help you manage your stress and anxiety!
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5 Mobile Apps to help you manage your stress and anxiety!
There is no doubt that the accelerated daily life and its activities create a kind of psychological exhaustion, so that we have often become in need of calm and psychological comfort. To overcome this problem, there are many solutions, including mobile applications that help you to relax.

Meditation mobile applications have become one of the most popular apps in Google and app stores in recent times, due to the features they provide that make practicing meditation very easy anywhere, as many people find it difficult to find the time or energy to stick to regular sessions.

Although attending these sessions is a great option for some, it seems tiring for others, and here comes the role of these mobile apps that can reduce stress levels, anxiety, depression and insomnia, and give you some inner peace.

Below are some meditation apps to can help you reduce stress and anxiety:

1- FitMind:

One of the most prominent applications of meditation that helps strengthen (mental fitness) to confront different situations, was developed by (Liam McClintock), who suffered from many diseases such as: Obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, and the application helped him reduce medication intake and cure diseases.

2- Unplug Meditation:

It is one of the meditation applications that has met with great success, and this is because it provides more than 700 videos of meditation sessions filmed in a professional studio, ranging in length from one minute to an hour, so you feel like you are in an actual meditation session with a professional trainer.

3- The Breathing:

It is considered one of the meditation applications that focus on the breathing process only to obtain many physiological benefits, such as: increasing lung function, reducing pressure and anxiety, reducing blood pressure, and improving emotional balance, you can only adjust two settings in the application, namely: the length of the exercise and the percentage of breathing.

4- Soundly:

While the meditation apps in this list focus on mental and physical fitness, this app helps you meditate for the purpose of sleep, focus and relaxation, with many professionally designed music and audio tracks, you can discover and save different music tracks, create playlists, and control broadcast speed.

5- Simple Habit:

The app focuses on relieving daily stress, by offering quick meditation sessions for only five minutes, in addition to audio playlists that triggers many topics, such as: insomnia, sleep, anxiety and stress reduction, provided by trainers who specialize in meditation sessions.

If you have an idea of a mobile application and you want to bring it online, you focus on growing your business and let us handle all technical details. With dooklik you get a guaranteed delivery timeline and price upfront.
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