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These new cool emojis may soon arrive on your smartphone!

19.07.2022 02:55 AM
These new cool emojis may soon arrive on your smartphone!
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These new cool emojis may soon arrive on your smartphone!

By the end of the year, about thirty new emojis will be integrated into your smartphone. Among the developments; Additional colors for the heart symbol, jellyfish and ginger.

According to the French "Femina" magazine, new statements will be available soon for more clarification. Overall, in 2023, 31 emojis should be added to the long list of available images.

The reference site Emojipedia revealed a list of candidate emojis that will likely be added to the catalog.

The new emoji will also be submitted for approval in September. However, the site confirmed that the authenticity of the images will be generally verified without difficulty.

Among the developments for the year 2022-2023, we find a trembling face and new colors for hearts, which are as follows; Grey, pink, light blue, and high five on the left and right, and they'll be on all skin tones.


The catalog representing animals and plants has also been enriched. It will be added on the animal side; Mouse, donkey, blackbird, goose, jellyfish and for plants; the menu will include hyacinth, ginger and peas.

This will also be included in the list; Wing symbol, fan, comb, maracas, transverse flute, khanda (religious symbol of Sikhism) plus Wi-Fi emoji.

It remains to be seen if these new emojis will find a place among the French, given that a study by Visibrain revealed that the classic Twitter emoji, which symbolizes tears of laughter and a red heart, are the most popular.

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