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Human and machine intelligence work together to find 40,000 ring galaxies

15.07.2022 01:38 PM
Human and machine intelligence work together to find 40,000 ring galaxies
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Human and machine intelligence work together to find 40,000 ring galaxies

Human and machine intelligence worked together to find 40,000 galaxies, as scientists at the National Astronomy Meeting this week will announce the results, and Dr. Mike Walmsley of the University of Manchester will present the new work. Disrupting the orbits of billions of stars, so an accurate understanding of cosmic events that lead to determinants requires millions of measured images, more than humans could ever search for, which leads to the resort to artificial intelligence.

According to phys, Dr. Mike used a decade of volunteer measurements to create an automated assistant, a new artificial intelligence algorithm.

The algorithm, dubbed "Zoobot", can not only accurately predict what volunteers will say, but also understand where it could be wrong.

It is possible to discover 40,000 rare ring-shaped galaxies six times what was previously known, and the rings take billions of years to form and be destroyed in a collision of galaxies, and thus this new giant sample will help reveal how isolated galaxies evolved.

The data set will also tell scientists how galaxies age in general, as the Zoobot is designed to be retrained over and over again to achieve new scientific goals.

And Zoobot can learn to answer new shape questions easily because it has already learned to answer more than 50 different questions.

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