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Follow these tips to avoid the Sunday Blues!

16.05.2021 06:29 AM
Follow these tips to avoid the Sunday Blues!
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Follow these tips to avoid the Sunday Blues!
After a long and relaxing weekend, you may find it difficult to wake up on Monday morning. In a hurry to arrive on time, you get out of bed making coffee, stumble upon work clothes, browsing emails on your phone from your boss asking for a file now, as he realizes it's Monday again.
If you often feel anxious, sad, or depressed on Sundays, you may be experiencing what is called “The Sunday Blues”. If so, you are not alone. Surveys show that about 60% of Americans experience heavy Sunday blues, and German and Swedish researchers have determined that Sunday is statistically the least happy day of the week. You can avoid it by organizing on Fridays and Saturdays, and creating fun Sunday and Monday rituals, and if that doesn't work, seek professional advice to help you cope with the blues and end the weekend on a happier note.

The Sunday Blues is a real phenomenon—and is something a lot of workers feel heading into Monday morning.

1. Make your office a better place.
Find the problem. If you're feeling down on Monday morning, you probably aren't a fan of your work. It might be the job itself, or maybe the people you work with. Take some time to think about what is really upsetting you about your job by brainstorming for a while. Write down the problems that are really bothering you. 
2. Get Ready.
Look ahead at the end of the week. On a Friday afternoon, you might want to get out of the office or school, and you might leave some loose parties. However, if you take time on Friday to relate to what to do for the week, it shouldn't be hanging over your head on a Monday morning. Leave what you hate for Mondays. Likewise, take a look at your schedule so you know what's coming this week.
3. Practice self-care.
Don't take work home over the weekend if possible. The weekend should give you a break from work, not a continuation of it. If you work during the weekend, your work weeks will overlap each other, and you will start to experience exhaustion. Take a break to give yourself some time to regain your mental health.
4. Plan something fun for Monday evening.
By giving yourself something to look forward to on Monday, you may feel less down about heading into the new workweek. If your schedule allows, plan something enjoyable for after work Monday, like a manicure, or movie night with your family, or grabbing dinner with a friend.


5. Monitor for more serious problems.Look at your work environment.
If your work environment makes you constantly upset because it is hostile or that you do not like your job, you may need to find a new job where you can be happier. Perhaps your workload is too much. Start your job search now so you can find something you like.

If you struggle with anxiety or low mood frequently, speak with your therapist about accessing professional help. They will be able to direct you towards the right treatment, whether it is talking therapies or medication. Speaking with family and friends can help too.
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