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How to Implement eCommerce at your Amusement Park

10.07.2022 09:19 AM
How to Implement eCommerce at your Amusement Park
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How to Implement eCommerce at your Amusement Park

While setting up your eCommerce website, ensure that you have created objectives for your site. This will ensure that your strategy is aligned with the layout of your site. Objectives can include:

Reach new customers/unique customers: by offering an eCommerce online, you can better appeal to new customers that live further so they can make the trip to your amusement park knowing they have everything they need to go.

Create a frictionless experience from the start: by offering customers the chance to buy tickets online, you can avoid lines once at the park. This creates a seamless experience from the start of their journey with your park.

Offer more incentive to purchase tickets online: to incentivize users to purchase online and avoid long lines at the gate, you can offer special discounts to users who purchase through your eCommerce, such as early bird discounts.

Retarget based on abandoned carts: based on your customer profile, you can retarget customers with ads who have abandoned their online cart. This keeps your park at the top of your customer’s minds when they are ready to make a purchase.

Whether you are a private beach, a pool club, an outdoor pool resort, a summer resort, or a water park you can have a contemporary and functional design for a website created specifically for summer amusement parks. Packed with customizable features and prone to add on many services as your online business grows, dooklik is your fastest and most cost-effective platform to bring your business online.


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