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Internal combustion engines set to disappear in Europe after 'historic vote'

09.07.2022 09:00 AM
Internal combustion engines set to disappear in Europe after 'historic vote'
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Internal combustion engines set to disappear in Europe after 'historic vote'

The 27 member states of the European Union agreed on Wednesday to ban the sale of new cars with heat engines, including petrol and diesel, from 2035, in a bid to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050.

This project, which was unveiled by the European Commission in July 2021, aims to reach Europe's climate goals and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from new cars on the continent to zero.

The decision, which was approved by the environment ministers in Europe during a meeting in Luxembourg, imposes virtually a ban in all EU countries on the sale of new cars equipped with engines running on gasoline or diesel, and the subsequent transition to electric engines.

But at the request of some of its members, including Germany and Italy, the EU's environment ministers agreed to consider, in the future, the possibility of allowing engines powered by alternative technologies, such as synthetic fuels and hybrid engines, if this could achieve the goal of completely eliminating emissions from cars. Greenhouse gases.

The ministers also extended for five years, i.e. until the end of 2035, the exemption from carbon dioxide obligations granted to "specialized" manufacturers or those who produce less than 10,000 vehicles annually. This item, which is sometimes called a "Ferrari modification", benefits especially luxury brands.

These measures must now be negotiated with MEPs.

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