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Japan plans to create a building for life on Mars and the moon

07.07.2022 05:30 AM
Japan plans to create a building for life on Mars and the moon
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Japan plans to create a building for life on Mars and the moon

The Japanese NHK TV channel announced that one of the researchers' main tasks is to provide a gravity similar to Earth's gravity, inside the building, necessary for long-term living on Mars and the moon.

Located in the west of Japan, Kyoto University and the Kajima Construction Corporation intend to jointly create a building that will be suitable for human life on Mars and the Moon in the future. This was reported on Wednesday by the NBC television channel.

According to the channel's information, one of the main tasks of the researchers is to provide a gravity similar to the Earth's gravity inside the building, which allows for a long life, and experts suggest to solve this problem, creating a circular building that rotates around its axis, where the centrifugal force generated in this way will help to create gravity.

The height of the hypothesized building ranges between 200 and 400 meters and its diameter is 200 meters, and the researchers propose to use building materials transported from the Earth as well as the resources found on the surface of the Moon and Mars in the construction of the building.

Yoseki Yamashita, a spokesman for the university, told reporters, "These plans are not currently in the implementation stage, but it is very important, that Japan starts from now on reviewing its innovations in this field, to be proactive and superior, so we will continue to research in this field."

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