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These 8 technologies will become a trend in the next 5 years!

06.07.2022 04:01 AM
These 8 technologies will become a trend in the next 5 years!
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These 8 technologies will become a trend in the next 5 years!

Technology is always witnessing constant changes and innovations, according to needs, while a report published by readwrite revealed the 8 most important applications that will turn into a “Trend” during the next five years.

The report indicated that the expansion of the virtual world “Metavirus” will be the first of these applications, and it is expected that the operating system of the Metaverse will witness a great development during the next few years, which pushes it to be one of the first most used applications, which revolutionizes human lives as the Internet did before, and with As the technical capabilities of the virtual world grow, more games will be available.

“Borderline computing” came as the second most important trend in the coming years, as it will transform computer operations and data stores as close as possible to organizations, which will reduce response bandwidth and reduce response time.. There are some advantages of border computing that will appear in the future, which increase cybersecurity and reduce problems. of privacy like never before, and it increases the speed of your computer dramatically.

Drones will be the most prevalent between 2024 and 2025, which is currently used by videographers and photo shooters.. But soon the drones will be cheap in a way that allows many to own them.. With technological improvements, the drones will be able to fly for many hours without the need for recharging. They can be used to search for missing people and animals.

Next comes the “Blockchain” or what is known as “Block Chains”, which is a technology specific to digital currencies, such as: Ethereum and Bitcoin, despite that, the “Blockchain” provides multiple types of security, and it is also useful in other areas.

And the “Blockchain” is managed collectively, so no one person or organization can control that data.. Blockchain means that there is no third party that has control or authority over the transfers.

Followed by "artificial intelligence", where the report expected more innovative leaps to be more used as a technology in a number of fields, the most important of which is the medical field. Cloud computing, which is online storage, comes as many large and small organizations seek to put and store their data online rather than storing it in local storage units.

Also, “automated robots” technology, which is automated to match machine learning or artificial intelligence mechanisms, will make many jobs through automated robots, especially routine work, including responding to emails.

Some sources estimate that the proliferation of automated robots threatens the jobs of more than 200 million people, about 9% of the workforce around the world.. Despite that, it also creates new jobs. It is believed that some jobs may be partially automated and not completely replaceable.. Tech professionals who want to learn the ins and outs of the automated robotics system can find jobs as developers, analysts and engineers for this system.

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