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A young man invents glove that translates sign language to speech

03.07.2022 02:45 AM
A young man invents glove that translates sign language to speech
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A young man invents glove that translates sign language to speech
The glove can show the translation of gestures on the mobile phone screen.
Last year, Danila Fomenichenko, a tenth-grade student in the engineering class at school number 2065, created the first prototype of his device - he connected folding sensors and a microcontroller to the glove, after which he built his own program that recognized certain gestures and displayed translation into Russian On the phone screen via Bluetooth, according to the Moskvich website.
Now that he's an 11th grader, Danila has finished his invention - he added a space position sensor, a loudspeaker, and better calibrated the curvature sensors. Thanks to this, the glove can accurately determine the gesture by flexing the fingers and the position of the hand, which is enough to recognize most gestures from deaf-mute language. In addition, Glove now speaks the displayed words and phrases in real time. Similar prototypes exist in the world, but they are heavier, less accurate, and do not translate gestures into Russian.
Now the glove already recognizes basic gestures, such as "hello", "deaf", "thank you" and "goodbye", and now the student is busy revamping the dictionary so that with the help of his invention the mute can communicate with those who do not understand language gestures.
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