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Is the Sky Cruise plane real or fake?

02.07.2022 11:00 AM
Is the Sky Cruise plane real or fake?
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An impressively detailed video presentation depicts a giant nuclear-powered 'flying hotel' purportedly designed to house more than 5,000 guests on a nearly non-stop flight.

Besides the stunning views of nature, including a close-up look at the northern lights, there seem to be countless features to do on board this unique hotel, as it is equipped with fine restaurants, a huge shopping mall, gyms, theatres, swimming pools, and amenities. Health, medical, event spaces, and more.

A new video shows how the giant artificial intelligence-powered Sky Cruise can stay in the air for months every time it takes off, docking with traditional planes to pick up and drop new passengers.

The concept, designed by illustrator Tony Holmstein, was reimagined by Hashem Al-Ghaili, a Yemeni science reporter and video producer, who created an incredibly detailed model of the giant Sky Crusie. Al-Ghaili described the nuclear-powered flight in the sky as "the future of transportation".

The "flying hotel" is designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and Al Ghaili adds that all repairs will be made on board the aircraft in mid-air - a first in the aviation industry.

In the video clip, which Al-Ghaili posted on YouTube and titled "Sky Cruise: A Futuristic Hotel Above the Clouds", the giant plane was described as "the perfect wedding venue".

The Sky Cruise has 20 electric motors, and is powered solely by a "small nuclear reactor" that "uses a highly controlled fusion reaction", and because it will not need to refuel, the plane rarely needs to land.

The Sky Cruise has a panoramic ballroom that offers stunning 360-degree views of the outside.

However, despite the promised greatness, not everyone agrees with this idea. Several commentators were quick to point out the design flaws - not least that practical nuclear fusion doesn't really exist yet. And even if it did, there would be other formidable engineering challenges to be overcome.

There is no specific date for the launch of the "flying hotel" yet, but it caused a sensation on social media.

Some have dubbed the Sky Cruise concept "the new Titanic", citing a slew of design issues.

The huge plane will have problems taking off and will be far from aerodynamic. Others also pointed to flaws in its weight, saying that if a nuclear reactor plane crashed, it could destroy a city.

According to plan, Sky Cruise will require a lot of staff on board to meet the demands of each passenger.

Another concern appears to be the huge development cost as well, with some predicting that such a trip would cost a fortune, saying: “While this is an interesting concept and can be built using current technology, it would be very expensive and no doubt only the rich can afford it. Book this hotel." New York Post

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