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How you can be happier and more successful

02.07.2022 09:39 AM
How you can be happier and more successful
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How you can be happier and more successful

Can I program my subconscious mind to achieve success and happiness in my life? Do I resort to a psychological counselor to achieve this? Are there methods and methods that can be used to achieve success and happiness? And other questions that one has.

These questions increase, especially when a person sees himself “chained” and cannot move a step forward to achieve any success that reminds him of his life path, and the situation is not better when he evaluates his relationships with others, to conclude that they are somewhat “shy”, and about that, Al Jazeera Net interviewed consultants to take advantage From their knowledge and experience to answer these questions.

On how to program the subconscious mind to achieve success and happiness, Dr. Amal Borshak, a family educational consultant, says, “I never have a healthy start with myself, and I strive for physical, mental and emotional balance. There is a 100% sound and flawless road.

And she continues, "Therefore, the ambiguity and the inability to explain some things in the future must be taken into account, so I do not let it occupy my mind and distract my ability, even if I am mentally possessed."

"I focus on the achievement, no matter how small it is. There must be a close advisor as a brother, sister or friend. Destiny will put good souls before you to protect you. Do not be afraid, even if they are not at the required level for you. Their presence makes you feel safe and gives you the ability to continue with confidence or you can speak." Be with yourself, strengthen it, and accompany it until you reach your goal,” says Dr. Borschke.

And the consultant Borschke explains that you must know that everything has an end, so do not fall prisoner to sadness over the end of a chapter or any relationship in your life, as the end is to contemplate again in the mysterious secrets of the universe.

And she continues, "to be a socially successful person, try to maintain your moral balance and not delve into all the minute details of others."

You are advised to marginalize the opinions of others as much as possible, and not to expect them to understand your own ideas, while staying away from arguing and sterile discussion, and it is necessary to compare job tasks with the tasks of the path to success that does not have a pre-description or “catalog” to walk on, you have your own mark and you have your own story And your own development, so make sure of a methodology that fits your path on the path of success fraught with hardship, and do not give up, arm yourself with a strong will and keep trying.

Keep yourself busy

Dr. Burshak stresses that you must have your own art to continue your relationship with social leaders from a distance and benefit from their experiences, and be sure to stay away from exaggerated compliments, but see how these leaders act and how they succeeded to form you have a polite critical eye that moves away from what you do not like from others.

She adds, "Busy yourself with your career and document it on paper so that you do not underestimate your efforts, and when you feel that you are unable to achieve what you aspired to, reconsider and decide or rest for a while."

She points out that the path to success does not have an expiration date, as it embraces everyone who walks in it in the era of online media. with your abilities.

Change and access to the subconscious

In turn, Dr. Musa Matarneh, a consultant psychiatrist and an energy expert, comments, "Man subconsciously reduces the elements of life images from the day of birth to the day of death, and these images express situations, words and experiences, which are the store of life in the subconscious, and give the conscious mind behavior and personality."

Dr. Matarneh explains to Al Jazeera Net that, therefore, when we talk about the subconscious mind or about the subconscious or neuroprogramming (as it is called in psychology) or (the stock of life), it is what gives the conscious mind thinking and behavior, so that we can change.

He asserts that "the unconscious or subconscious mind must be entered or accessed, and this cannot be done by the individual on his own, but must be done through a therapist or a specialized psychological consultant skilled in entering the subconscious mind, and making variables wisely that are reflected in the behavior, and programmed from through the subconscious and the subconscious well."

The consultant explains that this is done through psychological sessions or self-stimulation sessions, and they are carried out in a way that follows more than one strategy so that we can penetrate into the individual’s “unconscious mind”, such as using the method of relaxation meditation or emotional emptying through suggestion.

And he continues, and accordingly, we can bring the individual to the “unconscious” and then control, and we begin to change little by little, if the person is unable to change, but it is possible that he is a stimulating person and has a “fertile” ability, and thus we educate and train him on life skills, This helps him to face problems or social and other relations in society.

Change to a new character

Matarneh says, "Characters, behavior or programming can only be modified through a specialist in human psychology, as he deals with the personality and knows its features and how to influence and explore it, so that he can build a special case for the individual through repeated psychological sessions."

He continues, "Then the mind is programmed, or in the so-called "brainwashing", and the individual can appear with a new personality and in a new way, and be able to face life and its changes, and deal flexibly with others, through self-stimulation and changing thinking and concepts.

Metropolitans show that there are considerations or restricted concepts “restrictions in the spirit and soul” of some individuals, which are wrong concepts, and therefore must be changed, so these considerations that come from the subconscious in experiences and situations are reflected on the individual, and when there is a change in the misconceptions here they differ Personal becomes more flexible, happier and more interactive in society.

Matarneh explains that "change is not as easy as being read in the books available in the market (neural programming), but rather it is a dynamic process that takes place within certain strategies and in specialized psychological sessions based on confidentiality and self-awareness, which is driven by another person within his specialization in this field." The island"

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