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How did websites become a tool to facilitate our daily life?

25.06.2022 07:19 AM
How did websites become a tool to facilitate our daily life?
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How did websites become a tool to facilitate our daily life?

What is the importance of websites in the life of business activities?

The importance of websites - websites are considered among the modern modern tools, of great and utmost importance in human life in an indescribable way, so that any person, how his work, his profession or his craft, can open one of his websites, and display his own advertising message His work, to the extent that traditional advertising media cannot deliver it quickly:

The website is your library or gallery of your services on the ground and thus it will enable millions of users and Internet surfers from all over the world, to enter your site and discover your service skill. When users request it via the Internet, they will definitely reach your home page, and then they can browse your site exactly as on the ground, and visitors will turn into satisfied customers with your services.

By moving between the pages of your site that are designed and created to contain information about your services, you can access other pages that contain information about the products you offer through the information in it. All this will enable you to attract a large number of customers.

In reality, the internet has greatly helped to connect people with each other through public or specialized forums, social networking sites, widespread dating sites, or any other site that offers the feature of commenting on the materials it publishes to the public, bringing the distances between them closer and providing information free of charge through encyclopedic websites, and the websites specialized in certain types of sciences and various knowledge, thus enabling everyone who yearns for knowledge to own it.

Benefits of owning a website:

1-   Time constraint problems solved

2-   The process of marketing through e-marketing websites has been facilitated for them, as a person can buy any item he needs from anywhere in the world through these well-designed websites.

3-   Contributed to facilitating the payment process

4-   It also made it easier for students to check their grades and status and communicate with their teacher through student portals available on websites

5-   It has provided various types of luxury to man, as he is now able to follow television channels, play entertaining and useful games, watch cartoons, and watch video clips.

6-   Starting private businesses that generate good income for individuals, leading to financial independence.

Not having a website is a VERY BAD IDEA!

1-   You will definitely miss out on many opportunities available to you

2-   Losing a lot of its credibility and customer confidence in it,

3-   Shopping opportunities become very weak and few

4-   Difficulty getting customers to your home page

5-   Banning your business from marketing and publicizing your activity

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