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45 percent of emails are 'spam'... what does that mean?

14.06.2022 08:12 AM
45 percent of emails are 'spam'... what does that mean?
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45 percent of emails are 'spam'... what does that mean?

It found an analysis by Kaspersky on the rate of 'spam' email reaching corporate mail accounts and its impact on employee productivity.

It found that employees who receive between 30 and 60 external emails per day could waste up to 11 hours of their productivity per year searching through emails and sorting out junk.

By some estimates, between 45 and 85 percent of all emails generated each day around the world are spam, which includes solicitations, links to suspicious pages, and malicious attachments. Researchers find that the flow of these messages is annoying in itself.

According to calculations, employees who receive up to 30 emails per day receive about 30 spam samples per week, and waste about five hours each year sorting it out. Whereas employees who receive between 30 and 60 emails each day spend 11 hours a year sorting, which is more than a full working day. Those who receive up to 100 emails per day spend 18 hours sifting through spam, which is more than two business days a year. Employees who receive more than 100 messages a day spend 80 hours a year sorting through spam, which are usually public mailboxes for all inquiries into the organization, which are not usually cleaned.

Five hours over the course of the whole year may not seem like a single employee, but when scaled up to an organization with hundreds of employees, said Andre Quitton, director of the email threat protection group at Kaspersky. .

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