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How to Create a Strong Password and Beat the Hackers

31.05.2022 06:25 AM
How to Create a Strong Password and Beat the Hackers
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How to Create a Strong Password and Beat the Hackers
With the increase in the number of attacks launched by hackers to steal users, it has become necessary to adopt a strong “password” selection mechanism that protects personal accounts, according to a Sky News Arabia report.

Despite the technological culture enjoyed by many around the world, the most prominent problem in this topic lies in the users' "easiness" when choosing their passwords, so that it is easy to remember them.

The writer who specializes in technology affairs, Alan Al-Qarih, says that the technological world has changed a lot in the past years, but a large number of users have not changed their habits of choosing “passwords”, as “if we review the data available in the last 10 years about the worst passwords, we will find that they are not the same.” It is changing, despite repeated warnings.

Al-Qarih added in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that “words such as 123456, qwerty, 123456789, password and 111111, are always the star of the ten worst ranks,” noting that “change and technical progress have been accompanied by great neglect of lazy users, who resort to choosing easy passwords. Remember for them but easy to guess for hackers, as about 80% of data breaches are caused by choosing a weak password.”

"The solution lies in the hands of users by not choosing notorious passwords, as it takes very little effort to come up with good and strong passwords," he says.

Triple force

Digital Marketing Specialist Dadi Geagea believes, "There is no magic formula that allows creating strong passwords simply, as users must adopt the triple concept, that is, the password should be strong, easy to memorize, and difficult to hack."

In an interview with "Sky News Arabia", Geagea advises users to choose a password that is easy to remember for them, while staying away from phrases that are easy for others to guess as information about their lives, and that the "password" ranges between 8 to 10 characters while diversifying the use of capital letters.

Small numbers and signs.

She also advises against using the same password on more than one account, as this makes the damage caused by data breaches much worse, stressing the need to diversify passwords while keeping them close to each other for different personal accounts, but they are not entirely the same.

And my last tip is to avoid users using passwords made up of their phone numbers, their birthday, the name of their pet, or the name of a loved one.
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