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Instagram refreshes its visual identity with a new typeface, and a brighter logo!

27.05.2022 08:38 AM
Instagram refreshes its visual identity with a new typeface, and a brighter logo!
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Instagram refreshes its visual identity with a new typeface, and a brighter logo!
Instagram launched a new branding with a new logo and text.

Instagram had an icon that looked like an old-school Polaroid camera until 2016 when the purple and yellow gradient icon was born.

A slight facelift was done for the icon, to increase the intensity of the colors.

"The color gamut has been reimagined with vibrant colors to make it feel light and vibrant, and to signal moments of discovery," Instagram wrote in a blog post.
Rose Pilkington, the artist who organized the original gradient icon, posted the new logo on her Instagram account, according to The Sun.

Commenting on the post, she wrote: “The logo was last redesigned in 2016, and today is an update, it is a slight change to the eye but it is made up of different components this time.”

"Hundreds of versions, iterations, and combos have been created over the course of several months and that's where we're at. I hope you like it but don't trol me if you don't."

While the tweaks to the logo are subtle, the new font represents a tough turn to the left.

The handwritten cursive font has been replaced by a modern, streamlined font called Instagram Sans.

Users will notice the shift in font when tagging their stories with site stickers and polls.
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