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Common Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Smartphone!

24.05.2022 06:05 AM
Common Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Smartphone!
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Users need to start by knowing and avoiding some of the daily habits that affect the life of their phones, and here we will discuss some of the most common and biggest smartphone mistakes you might make.

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Common Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Smartphone!

Users need to start by knowing and avoiding some of the daily habits that affect the life of their phones, and here we will discuss some of the most common and biggest smartphone mistakes you might make.

Use the wrong charger

Many users have the misconception that all chargers are the same, and they think that any charger will work fine as long as the cable connector fits their phone, however, it is important to have the right charger, cheap chargers are great no, they don't pose a risk of breakouts Not only does a fire or short circuit, but it may also harm the life of your smartphone in the short term as well as the long term, always buy chargers from trusted brands after checking their safety and compatibility guidelines.

Download apps from sources other than the official Google Play Store

Some users tend to explore other sources of apps when they can't find them in Google Play Store Unofficial sources and third-party app stores are not recommended because downloading apps from these sources can expose their devices to malware and malicious apps These malicious apps can infect devices With viruses and spyware that can steal users’ personal information, passwords, and even banking details, in addition, these malicious apps can also allow cybercriminals to access the phone’s camera and microphone. Downloading apps from official app stores is the best option, as these apps go through a process Strict examination before listing.

Android OS and security updates are not downloaded

Mobile brands regularly continue to share software as well as security updates for the mobile operating system (Android), while some of these are important because they bring new features and design elements to your device, others are security updates that protect the phone from malicious apps and other Similar dangers It is crucial to download these updates to keep your smartphone running error-free.

Use old apps on your Android phone

Some users may hate notifications telling them that a new software update is available for certain apps, however, these are basic outages that help the device run smoothly and securely. These updates not only focus on improving the user experience, but also include security patches that address newly discovered security vulnerabilities. These updates are very important and ignoring them can expose your devices to malware attacks, moreover, these updates also fix some bugs that may cause your device to crash or even slowly, users should make sure that they download and install the update every time they receive notice thereof as soon as possible.

Use of public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are cheap and easy to access, however, these networks can pose a huge security risk, hackers and bad actors also connected to these networks can easily view the information sent over public Wi-Fi networks, this will allow hackers to steal user information and access to their devices remotely, in a situation where you have to use public Wi-Fi, make sure that you are using a VPN while connected to the Internet, VPNs or VPNs are an easy solution to connect to websites securely even on public networks, however, it is It is best to use mobile data if it is available in such situations.


Use the case or the back cover

Back covers or phone cases can be useful to protect your devices from damage, users should focus more on the quality of the case than on the style while searching for a new cover for their devices, the purpose of these covers is not only to enhance the attractiveness of the phone but also to efficiently protect it from overcoming damages Caused by drops and other accidents, silicone phone cases are more durable than other materials and most brands of smartphones.

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