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NASA’s rover found alien doorway on Mars? Find out truth

19.05.2022 08:09 AM
NASA’s rover found alien doorway on Mars? Find out truth
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NASA’s rover found alien doorway on Mars? Find out truth
A picture taken by a spacecraft years ago and published by the American space agency "NASA" recently, sparked a state of controversy, after some claimed that it resembled some of the effects of Egypt and the Gulf.

A perfectly carved out doorway seems to have been found on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover. The intriguing feature was spotted in one of the pictures clicked by the rover. It seems to have fuelled rumors that it was built by aliens. This is also being viewed as the proof of existence of aliens on Mars. The doorway, which is nestled in the rocks on the Martian landscape, looks convincing about a Martian hideaway or a gateway to another Universe. Well, it can be anything as it is just speculation.

Several conspiracy theories have already come up on the internet about the mysterious doorway, but is there any truth in it?

For many, it is just a fracture on the rock or the result of some kind of strain on it. It may be true as the planet has been facing several earthquakes for some time. On May 4, it recorded the largest earthquake this month.

The researchers are also looking to understand what it is and how did it come into existence.

At a geological feature known as Greenheugh Pediment, the Mast Camera of the rover took the picture, NASA added.

The door-like rock formation looks big, but it may actually be only a few centimetres or inches tall. So, to reach any conclusion, more research is needed.
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