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Whatsapp will soon let you exit groups silently. All that you need to know!

18.05.2022 03:21 AM
Whatsapp will soon let you exit groups silently. All that you need to know!
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Whatsapp will soon let you exit groups silently. All that you need to know!
WhatsApp recently announced a new feature that allows users to add up to 512 group participants, and now the company is said to be working on a new feature that will allow participants to silently leave groups.

Currently, when you leave a group, WhatsApp displays a system message in the chat telling all participants that you have left the group, and the report suggests that once the feature is rolled out, information about your exit from the group will only appear to group admins.

According to the image shared in the report, you'll see a pop-up before you leave the group that will let you know that admins will know you're logged out, “Do you want to exit this group? Only you and the group admins will be notified that you have left the group" as it will appear in the popup.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has also confirmed that it will soon bring the Communities feature to the app, and for those unaware, the Communities feature on WhatsApp will enable people to combine separate groups under one umbrella with a structure that suits them.

Users can receive updates sent to the entire community and easily organize small discussion groups around what matters to them, and the communities will also have new tools for admins, including announcement messages that are sent to everyone and controlling which groups can be included.
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