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Understanding the advantages of ecommerce websites!

14.05.2022 06:47 AM
Understanding the advantages of ecommerce websites!
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Understanding the advantages of ecommerce websites!
We also know that normal trade is limited to simple basic ingredients (such as a seller - a store or place - a buyer - a product offered - a specific display time) a simple limited circle from which the idea of trade begins.

As for e-commerce, it is a much more general, comprehensive and broader idea. Its components are considered (buyer from any country - seller from anywhere - a platform for sale at any time and from anywhere) that you reach within one minute at most, without transportation, appointments, or obstacles.

Advantages of e-commerce websites:

1- You don’t need a large capital, as it is possible to set up an online store for a symbolic fees, and in terms of labor cost, it is also lower than the traditional store.

Because the online store manages itself entirely from employees, cashiers, collectors and accountants, it works as a complete organization throughout the day and without salaries.

2- Buying and selling products, services or information is not restricted to a specific place or time, so it is possible to buy and sell throughout the day and not for specific hours per day.

Also, in terms of extension, the site may include cities, or even entire countries. Your products may be purchased if they are suitable in terms of price and quality, customers from all over the world, isn't this better than a traditional store?!

3- E-commerce platforms are also not restricted to a specific frame or area. Thousands of products or services can be displayed in one place without difficulty.

4- Ease of creating buying and selling platforms, and this is represented in limited steps such as uploading images, specifying product data, determining prices and multiple shipping methods.

And finally, determine the appropriate means of payment, all in a short time while you are sitting in your home, managing the matter freely and safely, and even competing on global markets!

And you too, the buyer, with the push of a button from your mobile phone or your computer, you can browse thousands of products and alternatives over the Internet.

Then choose what suits you, and select the payment and shipping methods that suit you without the slightest fatigue or cost.

5- Ease of competition in this field 'electronic commerce', where the percentage of corruption in traditional commerce is less, which may be represented by monopoly in favor of a particular group.

It is known that increased competition in trade in general is always in the interest of the consumer.

But! This is not everything, and things are not that simple. There are also obstacles that face both the seller and the buyer in e-commerce.

It is neither impossible to solve nor complicated, and most of them are technical defects, some of which are related to user behavior, and others are related to state regulations.
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