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Product ideas to sell online and start a profitable ecommerce business!

11.05.2022 04:15 AM
Product ideas to sell online and start a profitable ecommerce business!
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Product ideas to sell online and start a profitable ecommerce business!
Are you having a hard time choosing the right product to start your journey into the world of ecommerce? Do you want a good start and profitable business? Are you looking for product ideas to sell online that distinguish you from your competition and pave you a fast path to success and profit? Well, this article will give you everything you need to start your journey successfully in the world of online selling.

What is online selling?

Online selling, or what is known as ecommerce, is a new modern method of selling, buying and marketing products and services in all its forms on the Internet. In fact, the history of selling products online dates back to the emergence of the Internet itself in 1991, and of course Amazon was one of the first companies to expand its plans in this promising field.

Soon, the idea of online commerce began to flourish all over the world. There are no geographic borders or direct transactions. All you have to do is choose the product that you like from the wide range of available options, then buy it through customized payment methods, and then the product will be delivered to you.

According to the latest statistics, ecommerce amounted to about 14.1% of the total global commercial transactions, with a value of approximately 4.88 thousand billion dollars annually. And researchers expect it to reach 22% by 2023. This means that online selling is slowly taking over the commerce scene, so you need to quickly reserve a place for your own store.

Selling via a private online store

If you want independence and completely manage your own online store, the best option is to create your own website. This method may be a bit complicated and requires an investment of time and financial resources, but it will eventually produce your own store, there are no limits except what you set yourself.

You don’t need to build your own website from scratch, all you have to do is to contact dooklik team in order to create your own ecommerce website and give you relatively great flexibility in customizing the store and personalizing your personality, from the types of products you want to sell to designing an online store to the payment methods and shipping mechanisms you want.

How do you get product ideas to sell online?

Many find the process of choosing the right product complicated and often get into many labyrinths and may end up with an unsuccessful project, and the reason is the wrong or insufficient planning of the product selection process. Product selection requires careful planning, and you should know that the time you spend searching for the right product will definitely pay off. We can summarize the steps for choosing the best product for you in the following items:

Thinking well of the economic and social conditions surrounding the target customer base. For example, the purchasing power of customers plays an important role in their ability to purchase a particular product.

Research in depth what exactly customers want, never hesitate to invest a long time in this step because it will result in quick success or failure of your online selling project.

Prepare a statistical study for the product of your choice, and whether the market for this product is constantly increasing, or is the demand for it decreasing day by day.

Try to search among the ideas of products to sell online that is highly demanded by customers, but production and manufacturing are still not enough to meet the increasing demand for it.

Make a list of data related to the product you chose, including the intensity of demand and the amount of searches for keywords that describe that product. Choosing a product that has extensive searches on Amazon, for example, will give you a great chance of success.

Do a thorough research on the source of the product you are going to choose and your competitors in the market for that product. Also note the commitment of the suppliers, the amount of products they have in warehouses and the prices they offer around the world, and there is no harm in conducting an investigation of the success and reputation of that supplier over the past years.

Finally, if you own a physical store or chain of stores, you may consider choosing products that are suitable for online stores.
Ideas for products to sell online:

1- Beauty & Cosmetics Products

The demand for cosmetics is constantly increasing around the world, with an annual growth rate of 10% for these products. The annual sales volume is expected to reach $22 billion by 2024. With the increasing awareness of users about the physical and environmental harms of chemical products, many of them began to avoid these products and turn to natural products.

The idea of cosmetics products seems to be a great idea, especially since this market is relatively stable, and the media and social media are becoming abuzz with these products and users are marketing them themselves through their use.


2- Face masks

We all know the new epidemic of Corona that struck the world in 2019, starting from China and ending with the whole world. As a result of this epidemic, many health instructions spread, including wearing a mask, and this preventive behavior quickly turned into a trend. Everyone wants to wear a mask that provides protection and at the same time gives him a beautiful appearance.

Although the epidemic may end soon, the healthy behavior of rebounding masks will remain for a long time, so the project to sell masks will be a successful project in the short and long term, but we must recall that the primary goal of medical masks is to prevent disease. Therefore, exaggerating the design and external shape of the muzzle may affect its protective efficiency.

3-Pet Supplies

Recently, the behavior of pet breeding has increased and spread widely, and making pet products may be an opportunity for you, especially if you like animals. As you know, pets are no longer limited to cats and dogs, there is a long list of pets and this will give you a wide range of products and goods that can be sold.

Pet products include everything that animals eat or drink as well as accessories necessary for a pet's life, and toys are an essential part of the collection that customers acquire after choosing their pet. If you prepare food for your pets yourself or if you have a healthy homemade recipe, it is also one of the special products that you can sell online.

4-Smart home gadgets

The demand for smart home gadgets is constantly growing. Smart home gadgets include a long list of devices, including: devices that operate with voice commands such as: lamps, alarm clocks, music players, etc., and thermostats that alert the customer to the temperature and humidity in the home, and smart refrigerators and ovens have become a popular trend recently.

Despite the increasing popularity of these tools, only a few online store owners seek to provide and offer these tools for selling online, and this, in fact, represents an opportunity for you to gain all those customers.

5-Smart watches:

Smart watches have recently gained a lot of popularity, as they give a unique personal character and a distinctive experience, especially for lovers of drug and smart devices. Statistics indicate that smart watch sales have exceeded 100 million pieces worldwide, with profits exceeding $50 billion annually.

Smart watches and bracelets include many features, from making calls and audio recording to shooting videos, even having sensors and special sensors to measure the pulse, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level, not to mention the number of steps for athletes, tracking the quality of sleep, etc...

6-Used products:

You may be surprised by the idea, but believe it, there is a large percentage of customers who are interested in buying used tools as long as they are in good condition and at a competitive price. All tools that can be used again and with the same efficiency are a good option to display in your online store.

Of course, you should find a reliable source for these tools, and if they can be tested for their quality and efficiency, that would be better. You must offer competitive prices to attract customers who want to get products at reasonable prices, even if they are used.

You can test the success of this idea at the local level and if you see a large demand, you can popularize this idea and possibly start your own company to redistribute the used products with satisfactory efficiency.

In conclusion, the ecommerce market may be crowded and the competition is great, but good planning and choosing the right product with a little patience and follow-up will certainly yield success. You have to take advantage of all available opportunities and choose a suitable product, and our reviewed list will be a great guide for you, choose what corresponds to your future plans and feel free to give your own ideas. Always try to stand out as the crowded online marketplace needs you to offer something different.

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