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Mark Zuckerberg warns against taking screenshot of your Facebook Messenger chats

04.05.2022 08:06 AM
Mark Zuckerberg warns against taking screenshot of your Facebook Messenger chats
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Mark Zuckerberg warns against taking screenshot of your Facebook Messenger chats
Mark Zuckerberg has issued a reminder - and apparently a warning - to Facebook Messenger users who take screenshots of their chats. another person.
The British newspaper The Independent said that Zuckerberg wrote next to a screenshot of his conversation with his wife, Priscilla Chan: “New update to end-to-end encrypted Messenger chats, so that you will receive a notification if someone takes screenshots of any hidden message.” And he continued: “We are also adding GIFs.” , stickers, and emoji buttons to chats as well.

This announcement comes after an update to the widely used Facebook Messenger application, according to which it is allowed to set messages to a feature that allows them to disappear after a certain period.

The feature has also been activated so far in the United States, and is expected to be activated for Facebook users in Europe in the coming weeks, USA Today reported.

Competing messaging platforms already offer options for users to hide messages, as well as send notifications if a screenshot of a conversation is taken.

While these applications include Snapchat, while other messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, contain the feature of end-to-end encryption, which is another new feature that Facebook has added to its messaging application.

Reports indicated that Facebook's move came in response to security concerns, and the widespread debate about online safety and free speech rights.

"When are you going to add a dislike button? We need answers," one user wrote in response to Zuckerberg's post. Another user commenting on the update added, apparently skeptical of these endeavors: "Maybe he can figure out how to feed the hungry, or better cure all the mental illnesses caused by these platforms, or perhaps shelter the homeless. Can he do any of these?"
The Independent explained that these updates will also be applied to Instagram, which is owned by Meta.
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