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Three warning signs your iPhone cable 'could kill you'

19.04.2022 10:18 AM
Three warning signs your iPhone cable 'could kill you'
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Three warning signs your iPhone cable 'could kill you'
A safety expert at TECH has urged iPhone users to remain vigilant about charging cables.

Giuseppe Cabana of the Electrical Safety Association warned that charging cables that are sold cheaply can pose a risk of fire or electric shock.

Speaking to the British newspaper, The Sun, he shared some signs that your gadget could be a death trap. “Counterfeit iPhone chargers are intentionally designed to look identical or similar to the original product in order to deceive consumers,” Cabana said.

Counterfeit iPhone cables fall into two categories: counterfeit and non-certified. It is noteworthy that a counterfeit product is a cheap product that is counterfeited to appear as if it was made by the "Apple" company.

The unapproved is that made by third-party companies without the approval of the iPhone maker. And if you buy a charger from a discount store or online marketplace and aren't sure if it's fake, there are a number of clear clues to look for.

1. Check the packaging and cable If you purchased a charging cable from a third-party seller, make sure it is Apple certified by looking carefully at the accessory packaging. Apple's MFi-certified third-party accessories have their packaging labeled "Made for iPhone," "iPhone," or "iPad."

In addition, look for missing tags or misspellings in the text on the cable, Cabana said. "This is the easiest way to spot counterfeit products, but beware, as counterfeit products are getting more and more complicated," Cabana said.

2. Look at the plug It's a good idea to compare your charger to another Apple charger, and fake accessories tend to be thinner and lighter in the hand. As a result, you can test the plug pins for signs of a counterfeit product.

"Our tests have shown that the screws on fake plugs are much weaker than what is legally required by established standards," Cabana said.

This is usually because it is hollow plastic covered with metal, rather than the solid metal used in the original products, and easy verification is to simply click on the largest nail and listen to the noise it makes.

The original components look solid, while fakes will make a plastic noise and feel empty.” In addition, the finishing touches on the plug housing can indicate a fake.

"The finish of the original charger is high quality, matte and uniform, and in imitation chargers, the finish is usually glossy or glossy with imperfections," Cabana explained.

3. Weight, Shape and Dimensions It is worth taking a look at the weight of the item and the connecting pins. The mobile product is lighter than the original Apple product. The screws may be the wrong size or shape.

"Since counterfeit chargers contain few, if any, quality components required for safety, they are usually much lighter than original chargers," Cabana said.

And the charger should weigh about 40g.” He continued, “The plug pins of a fake iPhone charger may be larger or smaller than the original charger and can be placed in a different location. The easiest way to check is by using a component check tool for electrical safety first.”

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